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    As myself and a few other players were conversing today, we began to recollect on the "golden age" of RaidHeaven. What feels like just yesterday is actually years ago. We began to to remissness the good times, I as well as zed players thought about what has changed and what is different from this time we love and miss. Although the player base is not where one may hope, the server is on the cusp of breaking the barrier for big things to come. There is no reason why we couldn't have a constant flow of 15-20 players to start. Although money was pumped into advertising and paying big youtubers in the past, but did that really work? On the larger spectrum yeah, but with the current state of the server, pumping money in, isn't going to do much except burn a hole in the owner's pocket. We need to please the community. Remember when big events would be hosted and drop parties that got the everyone and their mother on? Remember when you'd join the server and be greeted with a staff team that had open arms and ready to help. I am not not knocking the current owners in anyway, if I remember correctly they are still Mike and IC5, but our community would like better. We are not asking for you to do all this yourself, but there is currently no one around to help you out. I would just like to reiterate that I believe RaidHeaven still has all the potential it once had and there is nothing stopping it from getting back to that stage, but it needs to be more enticing to the community it has, once has and will have. Here is what I believe should be done:

    First off, we need events and drop parties back. Even if they start off as simple, they get players on which looks more enticing for newer players. On top of this, we should have some sort of giveaway that entices players to come on the forums because we have this beautiful brand new site, that is a ghost town.

    Second, we need to set up more voting links and encourage more players to vote. Voting is the best form of free advertisement and I remember back in the day, voting was a necessity for everyone and stressed. Even if it is a simple physical reminder to vote, not like an annoying chat spam message, I believe more players will vote. For our already established players, they do not "need", as in need the materials to vote but it needs to be forced into their heads on how much it actually helps the server.

    I am not into the whole YouTube game, but people are. We need to bring back a YouTube and Twitch rank. Small youtubers with small audiences are free advertisement. This also builds up a sense of community.

    I know this is going to come off as a ploy for staff, which it is not being as there are people more deserving than me, but we need a staff team. Although the player base is small and the current owners can handle the drama, and rule breakers it is a sense of community and feeling of welcome to see staff members online. Currently, we do have players join, but they join to 5-6 players, 3/6 players being afk and no staff member online to greet them and make them feel welcome. This makes a big difference, and a good staff-community repor is a necessity. Once again, don't take this is a ploy, there are most likely more deserving than I am. Even if it is a couple of Helpers or Trials to start, it shows we are professional as a server and welcoming.

    The new players need more kits. It's not even a matter of making it more fair, it just looks more enticing to come on to a new server and do /kit and have 4 kits. I remember we used to have kit raid and kit weekly. What happened? This will not deter people from donating, but it will make them feel like it is a bit more fair. Whether it is or it isn't it doesn't matter, but it is a mental thing.
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